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We’re glad you’re here! We love to meet new people from all over the world; share stories and food; talk about philosophies and ideas and art and puppies (or dogs) and growing up and growing older and gaining wisdom through mistakes as well as triumphs. We believe that we all have something to share and something to learn; we each have unique gifts and insights that complete the richness of the experiences which create the tapestry of our lives.

The Vixen Den in Mindseye Studio is the unique collaboration of Scott and Lynn (sweethearts and business partners) where we use the art of boudoir photography as a way to remind people (mostly women) of how important they are not only to their loved ones but to themselves and the others they are in contact with (remember, we all have something to share, a unique gift or insight that appears just at the right moment). Of course, we do this because we love creating beautiful visual images. But I think it’s something less tangible that keeps us motivated. We get to meet so many people (mostly women) and, for us, it is such a joy to see a woman who comes to us with fear and self-doubt begin to see herself as her loved ones see her; to see her become confident in herself right where she is. Her true beauty and (dare we say) sexiness isn’t about how she looks; it’s about her CONFIDENCE! We help people (mostly women) leave their baggage behind and move forward with a lighter step and a renewed sense of self; a remembrance of the woman she was before she became someone’s wife, someone’s mom, someone’s care-taker.

(I always say that it’s kinda like when you fly somewhere and the flight attendant always tells you to secure your own oxygen mask before helping others, including your children. Because, of course, if you aren’t breathing you can’t help anyone, including yourself)

Because people (mostly women) like myself (this is Lynn typing) can get so caught up in the day-to-day activities that govern our lives that we forget to make sure we get to BREATHE and take some much needed “ME Time”

It’s been said that ‘getting there is half the fun’ (and this is probably true unless you get motion sick when traveling). But that is how we feel about photography. The end result is that you get some amazing and beautiful art work to forever put a marker on this time and place in your life’s history. But getting there is half the fun (or at least a good portion of it).

The experience from start

(you wondering: “Is this something I should actually do? Am I brave enough? Should I spend the money? Should I lose a few pounds? Am I too old? What will people think? What will I do with photos of myself?)

to finish

(you just picked up your wall canvases and album and you cry joyful tears to see yourself in such a beautiful way and you can’t wait to share this with your sweetheart)

IS the fun!

All of it IS the adventure. And really, aren’t you worth it? (Yes…you are)


If you’d like to learn more about how to get your ME time back (for ladies this would be ‘how to get your groove back’ and for the men it’s ‘how to find your lost mojo’) jump in right here. We call it Boudoir Therapy (#boudoirtherapy)


Do something today that your future self will thank you for



Take A Peek Inside The Vixen Den



Mrs S

“Before meeting with Lynn and Scott, I was fairly nervous about the process of posing in sexy lingerie for anyone other than my husband. I had only spoken to Lynn on the phone so when I got to the studio I was definitely surprised to find out that Scott – a man! – would actually be taking the photographs as Lynn helped coach and beautify me. Luckily, Scott has the heart of a big teddy bear so I got over the hurdle of a man photographing me fairly quickly. We discussed the types of photographs I wanted and they wrote down a list of items to bring and ways to prepare (i.e. practicing my “come-hither” faces in the mirror and deciding on the poses and outfits that worked best together).

When I came back to the studio for the actual shoot, they were both completely comfortable, respectful, and genuine about their desire to give me the best experience they could. I appreciated that they took their art and job seriously without losing a hint of personality: perfectly balanced between professional and fun-loving. Their attitudes helped calm the jitters and Lynn and I got to make small talk for a while as she did my hair and make-up (in a sense, this served as appropriate foreplay to help relax me before taking my clothes off in front of these people I’d just met). I very heavily stressed that neither I nor my husband liked heavy makeup so I requested that she go as light as possible on the makeover. She listened and gave me glowing, flawless skin (the foundation she used was incredible!) with slight accents to my features. Nothing else. It was perfect and I felt beautiful while still looking like myself 🙂

Then it was time for the photos! They had me start with my most comfortable and least sexy outfits so I could get a sense of how the process would go while the majority of my clothes were still on… much appreciated 🙂 We eventually moved to more and more “scandalous” outfits and poses, but the whole thing felt like a natural progression and I was 100% comfortable the entire time. The pair of them remained professional and fun throughout the shoot and were extremely complimentary and kind, which is nice for an ego boost!

I went home feeling pampered, empowered, and ridiculous in the best possible way; I had a blast! When I came back later to select which photos and what layouts I wanted, they suggested bringing a friend… which I did. We were both blown away by the photographs – perfect blend of classy, sexy, and fun… exactly what I wanted 🙂 They listened to my input and requests (even when they personally disagreed) and I walked away with an amazing final product that my husband loved!!!

Bottom line: Lynn and Scott took great care of me from start to finish and I had an amazing experience with a final product better than I could have hoped for. The whole package can get expensive, which I was certainly nervous about, but it came with quality and was (for me) completely worth it!”


Colleen G




Not only did Scott and Lynn create the exact atmosphere and ambiance I wanted in their studio, but they brought it to life in their work. The photos they shot of me are, without a doubt, breathtaking. I had such an amazing time working along side with both Scott and Lynn. I highly suggest going to them for whatever your heart desires; whether it be something crazy or something sophisticated–they know how to capture it all! The pictures I wanted were pinup style, vintage Hollywood, and ‘Rosie the Riveter’ style. Their work is beautiful 🙂 Simply the best!!!!!”





Bonnie T




Scott is the most creative, intelligent, and masterful photographer I have ever worked with! His work is highly intuitive, artistic, and beautiful. This kind of high-end artistry is rarely found in a small community like San Luis Obispo County. I would fully expect to see this high-end work in New York, San Francisco, or LA. Mindseye is a studio of the purest art form… Scott can find the rare beauty in every face! I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else if I wanted true genius in photo form.”







  • Love love love your work!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can not believe how you could make an old car-accident scarred face (me) look so human. You two are awesome and we plan to spread the word of how awesome you are! The whole experience that you created for us bonded Roy and I even closer (if that’s possible) and I think that is the key to your work; showing loved ones just how much they mean to each other.”   J. H.


  • To start off, Scott and Lynn both are fantastic people! I wanted an off the edge look and they sure gave it to me. They were so confident with words they made me want to get it done at their studio. Right when I walked into their studio I felt comfortable. They led me through the whole process and were so kind the whole time. They kept me entertained and laughing as well. Both of them are so down to earth and easy to get along with. I recommend them every time you want perfect pictures. I thank them greatly for the outstanding job they did!! My pictures turned out wonderful! Thank you guys so much!!!!!”   C. P.



Seen and heard enough? Are you ready to:

Walk with more confidence

Have a more positive influence on those around you

Have less stress in your life

Enhance your self-esteem

Become a magnet for compliments

Be an inspiration for other women



Just do it…the consultation is complimentary and there is no obligation…just a few friends meeting to talk and share stories 😉


Need to know a little more? Keep scrolling…..

Sessions in The Vixen Den give you an elite experience from beginning to end. You always get a complimentary consultation. This is beneficial for both of us. YOU get to meet us beforehand, see the studio, see pictures of other women we’ve photographed, see the amazing quality of the products we offer, and just get more familiar with the experience. WE get to meet you beforehand, learn what you like (and don’t like), discover how you want to use the images from the session, and share tips and tricks with you to maximize your enjoyment of the photo shoot.

With every session in The Vixen Den you will get a pre-shoot consultation, access to professional hair and makeup, champagne (or other liquid courage) and delicious snacklets (because a girl gets hungry), wardrobe and accessories advice, encouragement and high-fives, a special ordering appointment, and all around pampering. Basically, you get the princess treatment (minus the tiara….unless you have one of those…then do bring it with you!).

Choose either the Petite session or the Couture session. All the same goodies but the Couture session is longer…in case you need some extra coaxing…or you just really like getting your picture taken…or you want to have more outfits for more variety…or you just dig hanging out with us (we’re cool that way).

We also do completely custom, curated photo shoots for women (or couples) wanting to collaborate on and create truly authentic, large-format art pieces and art books.

We offer only the best quality products for your boudoir images. Most of our clients invest $1500 – $4000 on their beautiful products.




1 WALL ART: Use one or more prints or canvases to create visually stunning artwork for your unique space


2 HERITAGE ALBUMS: Choose your favorite images for a custom designed keepsake


3 HEIRLOOM BOXES: Your favorite images in a discreet, keepsake box


Wall art pricing starts at $349













Now are you ready? If the hour isn’t too late, give us a call


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